The Delightful Child baby shower section provides information on planning a baby shower for you and your delightful child. These articles will help you plan your baby shower from start to finish.

Baby Shower Ideas
So, you need help planning a baby shower…
Intimidated by planning a baby shower? Maybe you don't have any children yourself, so you're not sure what a mom-to-be needs. More...

Baby Shower Basics and Etiquette
Usually, a friend of the expectant mother hosts the baby shower. Splitting the hosting duties among two or more friends makes the numerous expenses and responsibilities more manageable and allows more friends to participate in honoring the mother-to-be. More...

Healthy Baby Shower Food Recipes
Most moms to be are eating healthy for their baby. If you are looking for healthy recipes for a baby showers. Then check out these healthy baby shower recipes.

Baby Shower Themes
List of themes to choose from. More...

Baby Shower Party Budget Ideas
A Fabulous Party on a Limited Budget… Impossible?

So, you want to host a great party, but you have limited funds. Can it be done? More...

Hosting a Long Distance Shower
How to Give the Gift of Presence… Hosting a Long Distance Shower

Sometimes there is just no way to gather everyone together in one place. Perhaps you are having a shower for friends and family locally, but she has many others who are scattered in different locations. More...

Baby Shower Adoption Ideas
It's an Adoption!!! Hosting a Shower for the Parents who are Adopting.

Hosting a shower for parents who are adopting is essentially the same as hosting any other shower. More...

Baby Shower Games
Some Baby shower game ideas written by Kimberly Hargis.

Printable Baby Shower Games
75 printable baby shower games.

Printable Baby Shower Game Packages
Information baby shower game packages available online.

Baby Shower Invitations
Unique Baby shower invitations for boys and girls.

Baby Shower Punch Recipe
Long list of recipes for making baby shower punch.

Baby Shower Picture
Teaches you how to take baby shower photos.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Parents That Have Everything

Baby Shower Favors