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Taking Baby Shower Pictures

Baby showers are fun but exhausting to plan; with everything else to think about one thing many hostesses forget is to take pictures. Pictures help commemorate the event for the mom-to-be and give the hostesses something tangible to remember the shower by.  You may even want to create an inexpensive scrapbook as a special gift for the new mom, using pictures taken at the shower. 

It may be beneficial to appoint one of the hostesses as the photographer for the day. If left to the last minute, pictures may fall by the wayside and get lost in all the festivities of the shower. 

You do not have to wait to take pictures until all the guests arrive. Decorations and food displays as well as any other special touches can be photographed. Use the time to take a few pictures of all the hostesses with their specific contributions and get a few group shots as well. 

Once the party begins, make sure and take plenty of pictures of the new mom surrounded by her friends. One picture to take is the shower honoree surrounded by her still-wrapped gifts. Take pictures as she opens her presents and as she thanks the giver of the gifts. It may be beneficial to make a gift display in another room to show off everything she received and it also creates a photo opportunity.

Make sure to take plenty of non-candid photos. Candid photographs can be fun but they can also be embarrassing. Do not take any pictures of people eating and be aware that candid photos do not always turn out because people’s eyes are closed or their mouths are open.

As the shower winds down take a few pictures of the honoree with the hostesses. These pictures can be printed relatively inexpensively and given to each of the hostesses as a thank-you for helping with the shower.

A few baby shower photography tips:

-        Always seek the light. Make sure the subject of your shot is facing the light for optimum photo results. If natural light is not readily available, make sure you have an adequate flash on the camera.

-        The subject of your photo does not have to be directly in the center of the picture. Off-center pictures are typically more appealing to the eye.

-        Be fully aware of where your fingertips are as you take the picture – it only takes half a finger to ruin a picture!

-        On a digital camera, to take action shots, hold down the button half-way until you are ready to shoot. This will prep your camera (focus and lighting) automatically so you can capture the action shot adequately.

-        Digital photos can be easily re-touched and certain fixes can be done with just basic photography software. Most digital cameras come with downloadable software that can accomplish this.



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Baby Shower Picture

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