The Delightful Child started in 2003 when two longtime friends and fellow stay at home moms, Laura King and Jill Manty, decided to see if they could turn their love for baby things into a profitable business. Since then we've been feeling our way and trying to decide what kind of business we really wanted to be. We still carry our original baby gift baskets, but, eventually we decided that we wanted to promote something else we're both interested in-- information and natural living. So, here at Delightful Child, we are now pleased to provide information on baby showers, breastfeeding, parenting, and several other child-related topics. We are also pleased to carry a line of reasonably priced organic baby products. Soon, we will be introducing a line of baby, mother, and grandmother bracelets-- all lovingly handcrafted by another stay at home mom. Keep checking back for updates to our information pages, as well, as we are constantly adding to them.

We really hope that we can provide you with useful information and that you find something you like here on our site. If there's a product that you would like to see here or information that you would like to read, please drop us a note at Also, if you've bought products from us in the past, we'd love to hear feedback from you about how they are working out for you.

Jill Manty

My name is Jill Manty, and I am the mother of four-- soon to be five-- precious children, ranging in age from 11 to newborn. I homeschool all of my children and enjoy seeing them grow and learn. I'm somewhat of an internet junkie, and I really enjoy the freedom of knowledge that it provides. My interest in natural living goes back quite a way. I've been a vegetarian off and on since college, and now I'm raising most of my children as vegetarians. My husband is also a vegetarian. I am currently taking a course in aromatherapy to pursue the healing powers of essential oils.

I love throwing parties, especially wedding and baby showers, and much of the information on baby showers on this page is written by me. I think that having the opportunity to help friends welcome a new life into their families is an honor and, really, just a whole lot of fun. My favorite kind of showers involve good food, lots of laughter, and a ton of love and friendship. In my spare time I run a wiki loaded with Homeschooling Information and Resources and I blog for several blogs including my personal blog, On Our TV, Summer Olympics News, My Vegetarian Recipe of the Day, and Baby Names Cafe.

My husband George Manty handles most of the website promotion for our website.