It's an Adoption!!! Hosting a Shower for the Parents who are Adopting.

Hosting a shower for parents who are adopting is essentially the same as hosting any other shower. You should still send invitations, pick a theme, and include activities, if you like. If this is a first baby, the parents will still need a lot of things to prepare to welcome their new family member. There are, however, a few special considerations.

One consideration is when to hold the shower. In the case of an adoption, there is always a reasonable chance that the adoption might not go through. If the parents want to have the shower before the baby is born, or the older child arrives, honor their wishes. Follow their cues on whether to address concerns about the adoption falling through. Do not bring it up if they don't.

Another consideration is the age of the adopted child. The theme and tone of a party for an older child being adopted will obviously be different than for a newborn. However, it is still important to the family to gather friends and family and celebrate. If the shower is being held after the adoption, make sure that the child is included and that the party is kid-friendly.

As with any birth, an adoption is an exciting time for the parents! A new member of the family is being added. Helping them celebrate by hosting a shower is a very thoughtful thing. Remember to take your cues from the parents and have a great time.

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