The "Can You Remember?" Game

Before the party, place several new baby items such as baby shampoo, cotton balls, bottle nipples, baby cloths, soft baby toys, rattle, diaper, and other items related items on a large tray and display this on your coffee table or on the kitchen table, wherever the guests are likely to see it as they arrive. When it is time to play party games, start by giving each guest paper and pen/pencil, but do not tell them why they need them. Then take the tray away. Now ask your guests to write down what they remember seeing on the tray. They don't have to remember the brand name, just the description of the item. The guest who remembers the most items wins. In case of a tie, ask the guests to then write down brand names or colors of the objects and the guest who remembers the most detail wins (or give all the guests with the same score a party favor!) When the game is over, give the items on the tray to the mother-to-be as a shower gift.

Tasting Game

Before the party, remove the labels from several jars of baby food and secretly record what each jar contains. (Hint: Use a black magic marker to write A, B, C, etc., on the jar lids. Then write the corresponding letter on the back of the label you removed. Save the labels.) At party time, gave each guest a spoon and have them taste the baby food. The one who can name the most food correctly wins. (Since you have removed the labels and opened the jars, you must discard the remaining food. Do not give opened jars of baby food to the mother-to-be. You might want to buy two of everything and then give the labeled, unopened jars to the mother-to-be as a reminder of a fun game!)

Baby Name.

At party time, give each guest paper and pen. Tell them to write down as many baby names as they can in a minute's time (you should have a watch with a second hand, or a digital display to use as a timer). The one who can come up with the most names wins. (Hint: have a "Baby Names" book to give to the mother-to-be as a memento of the game!)


On the invitations ask each guest to bring one baby item from their past, either something they or their children wore or played with. Have each person tell the story behind the item. Have the guest vote on the best story to pick the winner. As a gift for the mother-to-be, give her a "Baby's First Year" memory book that she can use to record memories of her baby.

Keep the Egg

Have enough eggs on hand so that each guest will have an egg. Before the party, tie a different colored ribbon around each egg. As the guests arrive, or once all the guests have arrived (but before all the games begin), give each guest an egg and tell them to protect the egg as if it were their baby. Tell them they may set the egg down, but they must have the egg at the very end of the party. Before the guests start to leave, ask the guest to return their egg in exchange for a party favor. Then stand back and see how many still have their eggs (or if they remembered where they set them down!) and if they want to keep the egg or exchange it for a gift. Don't be surprised if some guests have named their egg and decide to keep egg instead of taking the party favor! As a memento for the mother-to-be, you can use one of those empty plastic Easter eggs and stuff it with a few pairs of baby socks or anything that will fit inside the egg.

Written by Kimberly Hargis

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