"What to give parents who already have everything"

By Kate O'Mara, http://whenkateblogs.blogspot.com

Maybe this is baby number five and you know the parents have saved all the cute baby stuff from the first four children. Maybe grandma was so excited that she bought everything when the first ultrasound photo showed it's definitely a boy. It's a dilemma, what can you give parents who already have everything for the baby?

Actually, there are two ways to go when the usual baby clothes, stuffed toys or rattles just don't seem like a good gift for new or new again parents. The first option is to take care of the parents. The second option is to help plan for baby's future. Either way you choose, the parents will thank you for your unique and thoughtful gift.

Gifts for Parents

Give a Tasty Gift that Keeps on Giving

Mail Order or Delivery Food selections abound. Monthly subscriptions are available for three, six, nine, or twelve months. Selections to choose from include: full meals, gourmet, wine, tea, pasta, dinner, cookies, chocolate, pies, fruits, desserts and more. Busy parents will be reminded of your generosity when they receive the monthly gift. Search for Cookies by the month, Baskets of the month, Gourmet Food Clubs.

A Night Out on the Town

Give Parents a break from all the kids with a gift certificate from Hire-A-Granny Babysitting Service. Moms & Dads will enjoy time away knowing that their little ones are in the care of trained professional babysitter.

Gifts for Baby's Future

Start baby's financial future out right with a gift that will grow through time. Purchase stocks or bonds in baby's name to help the little tycoon with a gift that will grow in value. Call your stock broker or local banker to help you select from the variety of options available for a new portfolio.

Valued collectables such as coins can appreciate in value as well as give baby a worthwhile hobby. Start with a simple collector set from baby's birth year. US Mint sells uncirculated coin sets in beautifully designed display gift cases. Numismatic Collections can specialize in historical eras or national origin providing a way for your gift to be unique to the family's heritage.

Stamp Collecting can be just as interesting. A gift of a valuable stamp or a beginning collector set from baby's birth year is a unique way to welcome baby to the world. From domestic to world stamps, collections can focus on uncirculated or used stamps. Philatelic resources are available online as well as dealers who can help you select a particularly special single or set of stamps to start the new philatelist off toward a winning collection.


From one of a kind original paintings suitable for baby's room to a commissioned embellishment of baby's name with a poem or print or dishes just for baby, local artists may offer just what parents and baby will cherish, a personalized gift. After all, shouldn't every baby have a silver dish with their name engraved on the side?